Saturday, October 20, 2012

TGIF with Xtrovians @ ILP

It's time for the Xtrovians to have the "Pecutan Akhir SPM" programme. It's the last academic programme for them. Hopefully, we have prepared them enough for SPM 2012.  These are a few pictures taken during the English slot on Friday - 8.00 am to 10.30 pm.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mag Inc Pizza Vouchers are here

It's finally here and I'm sure the students are going to be happy to received them before they went back for Aidil Adha holidays. Like previous years, all form 1,2 and 4 students of MOZAC took part in the competition. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to take any photos of the creative magazines created by the students this year but I do have the pictures of the vouchers...bon appetit everyone!

ICAS 2012

The result came in at the end of September. We are proud to say that this year's results is much better than last year. Out of 52 students who took the exam, 4 managed to get distinctions and 8 others obtained acredits. It is hoped that we will get better results next year! Congratulations

1.  Mohd Asyraf Kamsani
2/ Abdul Hadi Ahmad
3. Adlina Rahim
4. Peggy Tay

1. Md Syahmi Daros
2. Siti Aisyah Haridan
3. Aliff Haziq Abd Latif
4. Ling Chin How
5. Pang Chen Hooi
6. Muhd Faiz Ramli
7. Mohd Izzat Abd Latiff
8. Mohd Nazim Mohd Nor azmi

Volleyball Course

Amidst the hectic academic schedule at MOZAC, I was called for a volleyball course for 2 consecutive Saturdays. There goes the only free Saturday I had for the whole month of September. So I dragged myself to SMK Ayer Keroh on 22nd September. Luckily I met nice and enthuasistic teachers that made the course fun. So I found myself looking forward to the second saturday (29th September). it was a good course where we learnt many things as advisors of the Volleyball club. I had a good time with new found friends and it certainly took my mind off a lot of stress and pressure I had. All in all, it was such a healthy and we amazed ourselves that at the end of the course, most of us learnt some of the basic moves in volleyball. Not to mention, it was a good way to sweat ( some thing that has been missing from my life for quite sometimes)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

All the best Engineerie X

This week , all 125 candidates of PMR are brought to ILP Selandar for a 5-day programme. English Department kick start the programme with a 7 hours workshop with them. Pn. Norizah assissted by En. Ahmad Rizal and Puan Haidah conducted Literature Revision and Writing Workshop with the form 3 students. Good luck and all the best to PMR 2012 candidates..let's break the record this year guys !
Writing Workshop

Literature Revision

Useful Tips

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Today, we learn a new way of making our teaching and learning interesting. Goodbye powerpoint and say hi to the world of Prezi. I first heard about it when we hosted FRSIS in March when many of the students came with Prezi for their presentation instead of the required MS powerpoint. Of course the students are way ahead of us and I'm thankful to have tech-savvy ICT team to help solve the problems we faced. The four hours course is so interesting and informative.....I do hope that I will be able to convert all my powerpoint presentations to Prezi!!!!!!!

About Prezi :
Prezi is a presentation software that zooms in a featured elements. The creator can create a collage of sorts with images, text, and videos. Then, the creator can create a path from the various elements, creating a story or presentation for the viewer. There are several advantages for using Prezi. It is free and easy to use. You do not have to download anything to use it, and you can easily show how concepts or ideas related to each other.


Saturday, September 1, 2012

English Workshops

For 3 and form 5 teachers and students sacrificed their long weekend to prepare themselves for PMR and SPM. The form 3 students were given both paper 1 and paper 2 Selangor trial papers. Form 5 had similiar activities at the hall where they worked in small groups to complete the tasks given. Hopefully, peer group teaching will help them to excell in English papers.

Item Building for NILAM

This year I was called again by MGC to assist BTPNM to build item for assessment of Tokoh NILAM 2012. The meeting was called on 27 July 2012. This year more emphasis is put in the students' ability in writing as well as speaking. The new assessment format requires new assessment items and I was entrusted to head the English section. I am fortunate to have the same group again as we already know what to expect. The  two-day workshop was a success and come October we will be the assessors. Thank you to Nadiah, Magesh and Kak Aishah for your dedication and cooperation

Language Month 2012

July was Language Month in MOZAC. Various activities were planned by ELD. The form 3 and form 5 had their workshops to pepare themselves for the trial. Here are the activities conducted for the other forms: Form 1 - Singing competition Student showed their creativity by writing their own lyrics following the melody & tune of a song. The song also must follow the theme of this year's language month - Gotta get reading. This year 1 Beta emerged the champ. This is a video of the group which represented my class - 1 Omega..they managed to bag 2nd place..good job girls

Form 2 - NIE activities Students did various NIE activities in class using The STAR Form 4 - Spell It Right Students did online spelling test before competing among each other in class.

Last Immersion with SBPI Gombak & Literature Workshop

The last immersion for PMR 2012 was sone with SBPI Gombak which hosted MOZAC students. Rizal,Kak Haidah & I drove to Gombak in the wee hour to reach Gombak by 8 am. In Gombak the students were divided into groups to do different essays. Half of the essays done were brought back to MOZAC to be marked. Later form 3 Alpha students helped to type the essays which were later distributed right before the trial exams. A week later, I conducted a literature workshop to cover form 3 poems.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Item Building @ TKC 2

As planned, we met again at TKC on July 9th to discuss and select the questions. This time, I drove to SEMESRA to fetch Hilma. After 10 hours, we managed to complete the questions. Building items for an exam is a very daunting task and I am thankful to have given the opportunity to get involved in this process again. All in all, it was a fruitful meeting...another mission accomplished!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

SAMURA International Cultural, Sports and Educational Festival 2012

On July 7, 2012, I drove to SMS Muar (SAMURA) to judge an Internatinal Public Speaking Competition. The 2nd SICSEF is a festival where students from Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Hong Kong share experiences and learn each other cultures. Some workshops and competitions were held such as public speaking, nasyid, tilawah Al Quran, chess, cultural exchange and zapin. It was indeed a good experience to see youth come together to share their views on environment. Thank you to friends from SAMURA for giving me the opportunity to get involved in this festival and for treating mee the delicious Mee Bandung Muar.


This semester, MOZAC planned 3 immersions with 3 different schools for PMR students. The second immersion this year involved students from MOZAC and SMS Selangor. This time, we had to travel to SMS Selangor on 29 June - 1st July. Kak Haidah was kind enough to accompany me driving to Majid Tanah at wee hour before Rizal drove us to Cheras. Razlin and the gang started the students with a writing workshop. After that, it was my turn to conduct a literature workshop with the students on How I Met Myself. Meanwhile the form 5 teachers had the same programme at Sek. Men. Sains Alam Shah (ASiS). The next Tuesday on the 3rd of July, we hosted SMS Johor for the third immersion this year. Rizal and I conducted the 4 hour workshop with the students. This time we focus on Sp
eech and Text Completion. Two SMSJ teachers helped to facilitate. Next week, we will be going to SBPI Gombak for the fourth immersion. This time we plan to do poem revision with the students. Meanwhile, the form 5 will play host to students from ASiS. Hopefully, the students gained something from this programme especially from their friend in the 3 SBPs

Item Building @ TKC

This year , despite the busy schedule at school, I managed to contribute something to SBP. With friends from Negeri Sembilan, I'm honoured to work with a bunch of enthuasistic teachers. The work is made easy by everyone's committment and high spirits. Despite many years of experience building items, there's still a lot to learn. We also managed to work on a project together, Hopefully, we will be able to come up with a way to help our students in writing. Wish us luck!

Monday, June 4, 2012

HKSBP 2012 @ STAR Ipoh

Hari Kecemerlangan Sekolah Berasrama Penuh (HKSBP) was hosted by STAR this year on 25th - 29th May 2012. I tagged along this year as an adjudicator. Two weeks before that, I attended an adjudicator course conducted by MIDP. We even sat for a test and if we pass we are accredited to judge any debate in this world (like WOW!) Nevertheless, till this entry is posted ,I 'm still waiting for the result! Like previous years, I was given the chance to adjudicate till the quarter - final. I was appointed Chief adjudicator twice in the earlier's good to see that SBP students are able to speak well though some still need to polish their talent but considering the time given to them to prepare, I think they did quite well. This year, we are very fortunate to have been invited to Istana Iskandariah by the Regent of Perak, DYTM Raja Dr Nazrin Syah and his wife the beautiful DYTM Tuanku Zara Salim. Having an experince dining at the palace was indeed a once in a life time experience! Another highlight of the event was the speech by the Regent of Perak in the morning. DYTM Raja Dr Nazrin Syah gave a moving and inspiring speech. MOZAC English debate team only managed to win 2 debates and lost 1 debate to STF. Therefore, we couldn't proceed to the next round. The BM team shared the same fate.Nevertheless, 2 MOZAC's students made us proud by receiving the SBP full colour award ...among the very few schools with 2 recipients.

Cempaka Technology in Education: CTIE 2012.

I went to Cempaka International School in Cheras with 4 other collegues to attend Cempaka Technology in Education: CTIE 2012 on 24th May 2012. CTIE 2012 is a one -day event to expose participants to the latest technology in education through different technology workshops. It is also introducing and promoting SCHOOLOGY - a newly launched technology in education which encourages students, parents and stakeholders of the school to share first hand information at their finger tips through interschool social networking system. It is a full feature Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) with powerful appeal of a social network. It is structured in a similiar way to social networks like Facebooks combine with powerful learning management tools. Well, will MOZAC uses SCHOOLOGY?...only time will tell. Nevertheless, it is an interesting day and I got to know and take a peek at how international school is like.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

School Based Assessment for Form 1 Course

I joined the course with teachers from Jasin because I missed the Melaka Tengah course last week. The 3 - day course is held to expose the teachers of how to do School Based Assessment for English form 1. We also built sample intruments for band 1-6.
1. Band 1 : Know fundamental skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing.
2. Band 2 : Understand meanings of word, phrase and sentence level
3. Band 3 : Use knowledge acquired through listening, speaking, reading and writing
4. Band 4: Apply knowledge acquired in a variety of of situations using some
appropriate language conventions
5. Band 5: Demonstrate the ability to use language in a variety of situations using
largely appropriate language conventions
6. Band 6 :Appreciate bliterary works and present ideas critically in an exemplary

Although the course was tiring but I enjoyed meeting new friends from schools in Jasin. 2 days later, I also had the chance to visit JPN booth and looked at SMK Seri Bendahara's PBS files during Karnival Pendidikan Melaka 2012.

Fully Residential Schools International Symposium 2012: FRSIS 2012

MOZAC hosted Fully Residential School International Symposium (FRSIS 2012) on 26 - 31 March 2012. The theme chosen is Global Culture Generates Global Unity. All 63 fully residential schools took part in this symposium along with 19 schools from abroad. The students presented papers on the theme, participated in workshops and sharing sessions and came up with 9 resolutions for FRSIS 2012. We are priviledged to listen to Tun Mahathir Muhammad's view on the theme. Dato' Zuraidah Atan also shared her view when she spoke on Cultural Diversity Promotes Mutual Respect. Datuk Seri Ali Rustam, sponsored a dinner for all the delegates on 28th March 2012. The participants performed cultural shows from their countries during the state dinner and closing ceremony. The delegates also had the chance to visit Melaka during Melaka Heritage Tour. This is a good platform for students because the delegates also had the chance to know each other's culture and foster new friendship. The symposium has achieved its objective of generating unity by understanding others' culture. All in all, we had learnt a lot especially in organising a big event such as this at international level. It is a once in a life time experience for everyone of us at MOZAC. The 3rd FRSIS will be hosted by SSP next year.