Thursday, April 5, 2012

School Based Assessment for Form 1 Course

I joined the course with teachers from Jasin because I missed the Melaka Tengah course last week. The 3 - day course is held to expose the teachers of how to do School Based Assessment for English form 1. We also built sample intruments for band 1-6.
1. Band 1 : Know fundamental skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing.
2. Band 2 : Understand meanings of word, phrase and sentence level
3. Band 3 : Use knowledge acquired through listening, speaking, reading and writing
4. Band 4: Apply knowledge acquired in a variety of of situations using some
appropriate language conventions
5. Band 5: Demonstrate the ability to use language in a variety of situations using
largely appropriate language conventions
6. Band 6 :Appreciate bliterary works and present ideas critically in an exemplary

Although the course was tiring but I enjoyed meeting new friends from schools in Jasin. 2 days later, I also had the chance to visit JPN booth and looked at SMK Seri Bendahara's PBS files during Karnival Pendidikan Melaka 2012.

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Joanna said...

How can I download the scheme of work for Form 1? TQ