Thursday, May 6, 2010

UIA Debate 2010

On 16th - 2010, MOZAC sent 1 team to this annual event and this year MOZAC qualified to the quarter finals.Congratulations. The debaters are:
1. Mohd Azri Abdullah
2. Mohd Daniel Abdullah
3. Thulaja Thesa Vasudhevan
4. Ahmad Rahimi Khairul Salleh

Teachers in charge: Pn Wan Hailah & Pn Ivy Foo

SAFE English Carnival 2010

At the English Carnival held at Sek. Men. Teknik Melaka Tengah on 7th April 2010,MOZAC students took part in various competitions such as poem recitation,scrap book competition,spelling bee, English language games and karaoke. Below are the results:

Poem recitation - 1st place
Mohd Azfar Adam & Marlia

Language Games - 1st place
Erick Naim & group

Scrapbook competition - 2nd place
Justin & group

Karaoke - 2nd place

Spelling Bee - 3rd& 4th
Nursyafiqah & Zulfarahin

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


On 13th of March 2010, five of our school students, namely Jananieswary Servai, Sarah Nur’Ain, Nur Diyana, Umar Hakeem and Izat, attended a workshop on deejaying at RTM Melaka. ‘I WANNA BE A DEEJAY’ workshop was organized by Traxx fm under Melaka fm. Throughout this workshop, participants were exposed and explained about deejaying. Firstly, we’d ice breaking activity. After that, deejays ‘Roundhead’ and ‘Double D’ of Traxx fm’s morning crew, presented two modules regarding deejaying. After giving us a clear picture of deejaying, all participants were given a chance to experience it by ourselves. We’re divided into a few groups and we’re to start our own production, which consist of recording and editing, after lunch. After the mouth-watering, delicious meal from Renaissance hotel, we started our production right away. All of us were on the edge of our seats. We’re told to come up with our own station name and tagline, a title for a particular programme, date and time and logo. Besides that, we were also told to choose a producer (representing the head of our group); the head of our station and talents-deejays etc. All participant were really cooperative.
The facilitators assisted us and helped us in editing our production. Later, each group were to present their station to all. We had no idea that this production was actually a competition. Both Jananieswary and Sarah’s group won the first and second prize respectively. Besides being able to make new friends, we also managed to obtain knowledge on deejaying and have loads of fun at the same time. Thanks to the English Department for giving us the opportunity to have a bash at deejaying.

Reported by:
Jananieswary Servai