Saturday, October 20, 2012

TGIF with Xtrovians @ ILP

It's time for the Xtrovians to have the "Pecutan Akhir SPM" programme. It's the last academic programme for them. Hopefully, we have prepared them enough for SPM 2012.  These are a few pictures taken during the English slot on Friday - 8.00 am to 10.30 pm.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mag Inc Pizza Vouchers are here

It's finally here and I'm sure the students are going to be happy to received them before they went back for Aidil Adha holidays. Like previous years, all form 1,2 and 4 students of MOZAC took part in the competition. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to take any photos of the creative magazines created by the students this year but I do have the pictures of the vouchers...bon appetit everyone!

ICAS 2012

The result came in at the end of September. We are proud to say that this year's results is much better than last year. Out of 52 students who took the exam, 4 managed to get distinctions and 8 others obtained acredits. It is hoped that we will get better results next year! Congratulations

1.  Mohd Asyraf Kamsani
2/ Abdul Hadi Ahmad
3. Adlina Rahim
4. Peggy Tay

1. Md Syahmi Daros
2. Siti Aisyah Haridan
3. Aliff Haziq Abd Latif
4. Ling Chin How
5. Pang Chen Hooi
6. Muhd Faiz Ramli
7. Mohd Izzat Abd Latiff
8. Mohd Nazim Mohd Nor azmi

Volleyball Course

Amidst the hectic academic schedule at MOZAC, I was called for a volleyball course for 2 consecutive Saturdays. There goes the only free Saturday I had for the whole month of September. So I dragged myself to SMK Ayer Keroh on 22nd September. Luckily I met nice and enthuasistic teachers that made the course fun. So I found myself looking forward to the second saturday (29th September). it was a good course where we learnt many things as advisors of the Volleyball club. I had a good time with new found friends and it certainly took my mind off a lot of stress and pressure I had. All in all, it was such a healthy and we amazed ourselves that at the end of the course, most of us learnt some of the basic moves in volleyball. Not to mention, it was a good way to sweat ( some thing that has been missing from my life for quite sometimes)