Thursday, September 25, 2008

Merdeka Message Writing Competition - results

Congratulations to all winners of the merdeka message writing competition.

Top 5 winners:
1. Hafiz Burkhan - 5 Alpha
2. Muhammad Asyraf Arif Abdullah - 5 Alpha
3. Zul Farahin Zulkifli - 2 Alpha
4. Girivashini Gayathri Komaran - 3 Alpha
5. Siti Nadira Rasip - 2 Alpha

6. Muhammad Azfar Adam - 3 Beta
7. Noor Farahin Md Lazi - 2 Beta
8. Nor Athina Muntaha - 5 Alpha
9. Ahmad Muthiain Mohd Harizan - 2 Beta
10. Nurul Adibah Mokhtar - 2 Beta

All winners receives an interesting book to be read. The first prize winner wins a hamper and a book. Congratulations again and enjoy reading!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Shell-NST Young Inventors Contest

Congratulations to Midori Table Project Team for making the final cut of 10 teams which will be competing for the grand prize in October. For the final, they will turn their proposal to realistic invention. They will have to present a prototype and demonstrate their practicality before a panel of judges in Kuala Lumpur. The English language Department is working with the Physic Department to prepare the students for the competition. Good luck and all the best.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008