Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Inspirational Story: The Apple Tree

A long time ago, there was a huge apple tree. A little boy loved to come and play around it every day. He loved the tree top, ate the apples, took a nap under the shadow...He loved the tree and the tree loved to play with him. Time went by.......

The little boy had grown up and he no longer played around the tree everyday. One day the boy came back to the tree and he looked sad. "Come play with me," the asked the boy. I am no longer a kid; I don't ' play around trees anymore." The boy replied, "I want toys. I need money to buy them." "Sorry, but I don't have money.....but you can pick my apples and sell them. Then you will have money." The boy was so excited. He grabbed all the apples on the tree and left happily. The boy never came back after he picked the apples.
The tree was sad... One day the boy returned and the tree was so excited. "Come and play with me" the tree said. I don't have time to play. I have to work for my family. We need a house for shelter. Can you help me? "Sorry but I don't have a house. But you can chop off my branches to build your house." So the boy cut all the branches off the tree and left happily. The tree was glad to see him happy but the boy never came back since then.
The tree was lonely and sad. One hot summer day, the boy returned and the tree was so delighted. "Come and play with me!" the tree said. "I am so sad and getting old. I want to go sailing to relax myself. Can you give me a boat? ““Use my trunk to build your boat. You can sail far away and be happy." So the boy cut the tree trunk to make a boat. He went sailing and never showed up for a very long time.
Finally, the boy returned after he left for so many years. "Sorry, my boy, but I don't have anything for you anymore. No more apples for you u...." the tree said". "I don't have teeth to bite" the boy replied. "No more trunk for you to climb on" I am too old for that now" the boy said. "I really can't give you anything.....the only thing left is my dying roots" the tree said with tears. "I don't need much now, just a place to rest. I am tired after all these years." The boy replied "Good! Old Tree Roots is the best place to lean and rest on." "Come, come sit down with me and rest” The boy sat down and the tree was glad and smiled with tears......
This is a story for everyone. The tree is our parents. When we were young, we loved to play with Mom and Dad...When we grew up; we left them...only come to them when we need something or when we are in trouble. No matter what, parents will always be there and give everything they can to make you happy. You may think the boy is cruel to the tree but that is how all of us are treating our parents.
Love your parents, no matter where they are.

PIES 29 June - 3 July:Learning Haven

This is a school without desks or chairs, but the students are only too happy to have access to some form of education.
Walk down one of the rubbish-strewn lanes in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, and you will come across the narrow entrance to a nondescript flat. Just minutes away some of the glitziest malls in the city, but here, the atmosphere couldn’t be more different.
Small, messy stalls line the lane, and the people walking around, going about their daily business, look distinctly non-local.
Inside the building, the stairwell is dim, grubby, and rather dank. Climb up three flights of stairs and you will arrive at a cramped unit. Clothes-lines hang right outside the flat’s narrow corridor, aflutter with the day’s washing. With its shabby walls and linoleum-lined floors, this unit looks no different from any of the others in the building.
Except for the large group of laughing , chattering children sitting inside. Their eyes are on an adult who is pointing to a whiteboard and speaking loudly. Surrounding them are piles of books and stationery.
Hand-drawn posters and educational charts liven up the plain walls, and two computers sit in a corner. These children are Myanmar refugees of Chin ethnicity.
These children do not wear uniforms, there are no desks or chairs, and classrooms are simply different units on the same floor. Yet, for the 150 students who study here daily, this little flat is the closest thing to a school they have in Malaysia.

1. rubbish-strewn
2. narrow
3. nondescript
4. atmosphere
5. messy
6. distinctly
7. stairwell
8. cramped
9. corridor
10. aflutter
11. shabby
12. hand-drawn
13. refugees
14. ethnicity
15. daily

1. haven
2. glitziest
3. grubby
4. dank
5. chattering

Monday, June 22, 2009

How to Prepare and Face an Interview

An interview can be defined as a face to face oral communication between the interviewer and the interviewee in order to assess the views, attitudes and ideas of the interviewee. However the interview process also enables the interviewee and observers to assess the skill and ability of the interviewer. Thus, an interview is a test of both the communicants and parties engaged in the interaction. Intelligence, knowledge, personal qualities and character are revealed and both parties are required to be well prepared. The process allows everyone involved to make some important decisions.

The following suggestions are advisable when faced with an interview:

1) Dress appropriately – A well dressed and groomed appearance can do wonders for that first impression. Now is not exactly the time to make a fashion statement so a tastefully chosen professional outfit, with suitable accessories like a hand-bag or brief case should be fine.

2) Posture and Carriage - The way in which the candidate carries himself while walking and sitting tells the interviewer about your confidence. Good “carriage” and posture have to be developed over a period of time and are essential in distinguishing a shoddy and careless attitude from a sharp and alert one.

3) Be confident - Self confidence, or the lack of it, is observed through your behavior, right from the way you sit to how you speak. Good manners and proper behavior are obviously necessary. Suitable greetings for the time of the day and other formalities must be known to the interviewee; for example, sit down only after being told to; elbows must not be put on the table; the brief case or bag should be kept on the floor beside the chair and do not play with any of your accessories or clothes. Nervous movements betray show a lack of confidence and concentration.

4) Mental Preparation - The candidate should be well informed about current events, domestic and international, and topics of general interest. Regular reading of newspapers, listening to radio and TV discussions, participating in group discussions and general reading habits are helpful activities in developing the required mental status for an interview.

5) No guessing games - In situations where the candidate does not know the answer to a question it is always better to state ones inability to answer than to make a guess. No one is expected to know everything; admitting that one does not know the answer reflects honesty.

6) At the end, candidate’s are usually not sure when to leave. If the interviewers indicate that the interview is over, collect your bag, wish them and thank them for their friendly attitude and leave. Some candidates, due to nervousness, seem to be in a hurry to leave and forget to wish or thank the interviewers. Always remember that your parting movements are also closely observed so hurried and frantic movements may betray an earlier composed attitude.

In order to succeed in an interview each individual must make an honest self-assessment and find out one’s areas of strength and weakness. Knowledge of one’s deficiencies is useful in overcoming weaknesses and unconscious bad habits of posture or speech can be improved by effort. Shortcomings which cannot be overcome can be accepted and acknowledged so that they do not lead to depression and embarrassment when others notice them. Therefore, coming to terms with oneself and knowing how to deal with one’s faults, and how to make the best use of one’s knowledge and skills, is another vital element in preparing for an interview.

by: chillibreeze writer — Sanjeevni Gangwani

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Father's Day Tribute - Watch more amazing videos here

A Dad is a person
who is loving and kind,
And often he knows
what you have on your mind.

He's someone who listens,
suggests, and defends.
A dad can be one
of your very best friends!

He's proud of your triumphs,
but when things go wrong,
A dad can be patient
and helpful and strong
In all that you do,
a dad's love plays a part.

There's always a place for him
deep in your heart.
And each year that passes,
you're even more glad,
More grateful and proud
just to call him your dad!

Thank you, Dad...
for listening and caring,
for giving and sharing,
but, especially, for just being you!
Happy Father's Day

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009

Yes DEAR: 15 - 19 May 2009 : A Full Jar

Inspirational Story

One day an expert in time management was speaking to a group of business students and, to drive home a point, used an illustration those students will never forget. As he stood in front of the group of high-powered overachievers he said, Okay, time for a quiz.
Then he pulled out a one-gallon, wide mouth mason jar and set it on the table in front of him. Then he produced about a dozen fist-sized rocks and carefully placed them, one at a time, into the jar. When the jar was filled to the top and no more rocks would fit inside, he asked, is this jar full? Everyone in the class said, yes.
Then he said, “Really?” He reached under the table and pulled out a bucket of gravel. Then he dumped some gravel in and shook the jar causing pieces of gravel to work themselves down into the space between the big rocks. Then he asked the group once more, is the jar full? By this time the class was on to him. Probably not, one of them answered.
Good he replied. He reached under the table and brought out a bucket of sand. He started dumping the sand in the jar and it went into all of the spaces left between the rocks and the gravel. Once more he asked the question, is this jar full? No the class shouted.
Once again he said, good. Then he grabbed a pitcher of water and began to pour it in until the jar was filled to the brim. Then he looked at the class and asked, what is the point of this illustration? One eager beaver raised his hand and said, the point is, no matter how full your schedule is, if you try really hard you can always fit some more things in it. No, the speaker replied, that’s not the point. The truth this illustration teaches us is: If you don’t put the big rocks in first, you’ll never get them in at all.
What are the big rocks in your life? Time with your loved ones? Faith, education, your dreams? A worthy cause? Teaching or mentoring others? Remember to put these BIG ROCKS in first or you’ll never get them in at all.
So, tonight, or in the morning, when you are reflecting on this short story, ask yourself this question: What are the big rocks in my life?
Then, put those in your jar first.

PIES 15 -19 June: Octuplets surprise doctors

Newborn octuplets in Southern California are a feisty bunch that appear healthy even at nine weeks premature, a doctor said Tuesday.
Three babies are being given oxygen but appeared to be doing well, said Dr. Mandhir Gupta, a neonatologist at Kaiser Permanente Bellflower Medical Center. Two of the newborns were initially on ventilators but no longer need them.
"All babies were delivered vigorous, crying, kicking. Everyone was very excited," said Dr. Karen E. Maples, chief of service for obstetrics and gynecology and the physician who personally delivered Baby No. 8.
The mother, who has not been identified, gave birth Monday to the six boys and two girls weighing between 1 pound, 8 ounces, and 3 pounds, 4 ounces. She was resting comfortably Tuesday and was elated at welcoming eight children to her family, Gupta said.
The eighth baby surprised the parents and doctors who had prepared to deliver seven children.

1. premature
2. appeared
3. initially
4. ventilators
5. delivered
6. gynecology
7. physician
8. identified
9. weighing
10. comfortably
11. excited
12. surprised
13. prepared
14. vigorous
15. ounces

1. octuplets
2. feisty
3. neonatologist
4. obstetrics
5. elated

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kem Pemantapan Akedemic SPM 2009

Starting today until 13th June, the form 5 students are attending an academic camp at school. The first session is the English session done by Mr. Tan Chai Whatt from ACS. He touches on how to do well in Continuous Writing, Directed Writing and Literature.Hopefully the form 5 students are able to have a better understanding on how to score in those areas. More internal workshops will be done at school level to improve on the students'grades when school resumes next week.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Sad Story

A very touching and sad story that everybody should read