Sunday, July 8, 2012


This semester, MOZAC planned 3 immersions with 3 different schools for PMR students. The second immersion this year involved students from MOZAC and SMS Selangor. This time, we had to travel to SMS Selangor on 29 June - 1st July. Kak Haidah was kind enough to accompany me driving to Majid Tanah at wee hour before Rizal drove us to Cheras. Razlin and the gang started the students with a writing workshop. After that, it was my turn to conduct a literature workshop with the students on How I Met Myself. Meanwhile the form 5 teachers had the same programme at Sek. Men. Sains Alam Shah (ASiS). The next Tuesday on the 3rd of July, we hosted SMS Johor for the third immersion this year. Rizal and I conducted the 4 hour workshop with the students. This time we focus on Sp
eech and Text Completion. Two SMSJ teachers helped to facilitate. Next week, we will be going to SBPI Gombak for the fourth immersion. This time we plan to do poem revision with the students. Meanwhile, the form 5 will play host to students from ASiS. Hopefully, the students gained something from this programme especially from their friend in the 3 SBPs

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