Friday, November 21, 2008

I am looking For a Teacher

I am looking for a teacher
Who is beautiful inside
Honest with the students
Giving them a sense of pride

I am looking for a teacher
With a healthy self esteem
Who clearly states the rules
And doesn’t have to scream

I am looking for a teacher
Who creatively prepares
But Whose first priority
Is to convey that she cares

I am looking for a teacher
Who is interested, not aloof
Who treat her students with respect
Even when they goof

I am looking for a teacher
Who knows how to laugh and smile
Who enjoys what she’s doing
And goes the extra miles

I am looking for a teacher
Who believes all students can learn
Who praises their efforts and talents
They give their best return

I am looking for a teacher
Who communicates with parents well
Gently and carefully selecting words
When there’s problem to tell

I am looking for a teacher
Who will fill a child with desire
To love to learn more every day
With curiosity that won’t tire

I am looking for a teacher
Who encourages children to have a dream
To work at solving problems
Building their self esteem

There are some teachers out there
The kind I am looking for
For their student’s success
They have opened the door.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thank you and Good Bye

The English Department of MOZAC would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to 2 English teachers who are transfering to Kulai Johor and Seremban following their husbands. Our dedicated and committed Head Panel, Puan Haniza Ahmad who had served the school for 10 years will be teaching at SMK Munshi Abdullah, Kulai.A great loss indeed but we would like to wish her all the best at her new school and thank you for all that she had done here. She will be greatly missed by all.

Meanwhile, Puan Faizahanim who had been here for only a year had also contributed much to the department. She was the teacher in charge of the Shell - NST Young Inventor Award competition which won the second place recently. We hope that she will use the experiences that she gained here to be a better teacher at her new school.

ARENA Debate Showcase

MOZAC hosted the ARENA Debate Showcase by Nanyang Girls' Highschool, Singapore on 13th November 2008. 5 other residential schools were invited to watch and learn about the ARENA Debate. The Schools are STAR, SDAR,KUSES, SERATAS & SMAP (K). Officers from SBP & Cluster School Division,MOE and 6 debate technical officers were also present.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

MOZAC SPM Candidates

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MOZAC in the news (NST)

Young minds prove their mettle
By : Teresa Yong

KUALA LUMPUR: The inventors may be young, but their creations may prove to be ageless. For budding inventor and participant of the Shell-NST Young Inventors Award 2008, Saeshan Pillai, the motto for creating an aircraft that runs on a renewable source of energy was "Make it Fly".

His idea was to invent a plane that would be powered by the sun's energy, which is absorbed by a solar panel and is stored in a specially-adapted battery."I got the idea of creating the mini plane from watching a movie," said the 11-year-old.
Persevering through trial and error, Saeshan finally created his mini plane with the support of his dad, Selvaraju Pillai, a human resource director in a chemical company.

In the secondary school category, SMK King George V, Seremban, Negri Sembilan, emerged champion. Comprising of Timothy Kwan Joon Ming, Puay Sheng Hwa, both 18, and 16-year-olds Lee Yin Yin and Marya Suflin Muhamad Halim Shah, the team cooked up the winning Georgian Solar Cooker made from recycled materials and costing only about RM10.

It is touted to be 3E-effective, economical and environment-friendly, as well as portable.Kwan said the partially panelled and parabolic cooker works on the concept of light reflection. Sunlight is concentrated in a cooking area and then reflected to the cooking pot. At the presentation, they showed a video clip of how they cooked various dishes, from eggs to chicken curry, using their invention.The only drawback is that the cooker does not work on a cloudy day and it took three to four hours to cook chicken curry, said Yin Yin, who turned 16 yesterday.

Second prize winners were the four-member team from SMK Muzaffar Syah, Malacca, who invented the Midori Table and third place went to the four-girl team from SMK Sultan Ibrahim, Johor Baru, Johor, for their Solar Fan cum Energy Storage.

SMK Kolombong, Inaman, Sabah, which invented the Hydro-Wind Generator; Malay College Kuala Kangsar, Perak, which created the Modern Solar Dryer (soldra); SMK Tasik Damai, Ipoh, Perak, which came up with the Vacuum-Fire Extinguisher, SMK Convent, Ipoh, Perak, which put together the Hydrojuicer, were awarded consolation prizes of RM500, a trophy and certificates.

NIE manager Mary Chandapillai said the Award was a celebration of creativity and the culmination of a series of workshops held nationwide from June 24 to 30 on the theme "Can Technology Save Our Planet?"Sixty entries were received and 10 finalists were selected and given RM200 seed money to come up with workable prototypes.

Chief judge Ahmad Zahir commented that the participants achieved a certain high standard, but some of them needed to develop their hypotheses more clearly.
"Your creative idea should be simple and very clear. It is not necessary for it to be sophisticated." While some schools were good in presenting their ideas, others needed to improve their presentation, he added.

Shell Malaysia corporate affairs general manager Datuk Wahiruddin Abdul Wahid said Shell was committed to supporting R&D in education through innovation and technology to reduce waste.He thanked NST for creating climate change awareness that resulted in "wonderful, inspiring supplements written by students".He added that the award was a fine example of encouraging our youths and rewarding them for thinking out of the box.NST group editor Datuk Syed Nadzri Syed Harun was also present at the ceremony.

Monday, November 3, 2008


The Young Inventors - Azizi, Amir,Afiq, Emir, Faiz, Adli, Nazirul Syafiq and Amira Syakira

Yes indeed they made us proud. The school's F1 team once again bagged 2 awards out of 14. They were awarded with The Best Newcomer Award and The Best Team Identity Award. Meanwhile,the Neo NASA team of the Shell - NST Young Inventors Competition won the second place in the competition. Their invention is The Midori table.The English department is indeed very happy to have helped the participants win both the competitions. We went through their brochures, proposal papers and even coached and polished their presentation. Thanks to Puan Ivy, Puan Haidah, Puan Hanizah, Puan Faizahanim and Puan Norizah for their continuos support and comittment