Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mid - Year Exam Papers - SBP & Melaka State

English 1
English 2
Marking Scheme

English 1
English 2
Marking Scheme

Melaka State
English 1
English 2
Marking Scheme

English 1
English 2
Marking Scheme

Happy Teacher's Day

Wishing all teachers a Happy Teacher's day. I read this somewhere and I would like to share it with all the teachers:
Teachers plant seeds of knowledge that grow forever...guiding and inspiring- that's exactly who we are, so be proud and continue to be passionate.
This year MOZAC awarded one of the English teachers, with "The Lifetime Teaching Award". Congratulations Mdm Ivy Foo.

In House training - Toastmasters Club & Gavel Club

I did two in house trainings after I came back to school. The first one was during the 2nd English Department meeting where I briefted the English teachers about Toastmasters and the need to set up 2 clubs - The Toastmasters club for the teachers and The Gavel Club for the students. It was agreed that until the proposal being approved by the school, we will introduce "table topic" session with the students in class.
The second in house training was done on 13th May 2011 during LDP 5. The concept of Toastmasters was introduced to all MOZAC teachers. I also shared some tips on how to deliver a good speech - body language & vocal variety. The teachers also had the chance to know & experience "table topic" session. The language teachers are encouraged to do the same in their classes while the other subject teachers are to adopt and adapt the concept of table topics for their subjects.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

PIES 6: 25 - 29 April 2011


Everyone knows Kate Middleton is marrying Prince William. Well, almost everyone. The people behind a
souvenir mug that commemorates the royal wedding didn't get the memo and made a pretty big gaffe. They got the picture of Kate Middleton correct, but instead of William, the mug features an image of his younger brother, Harry.

The mug was supposedly designed by Guandong Enterprises, a Chinese firm. But the Telegraph found that the company is "apparently registered in Britain." Does that mean that this "mistake" could instead be, in the Telegraph's words, "an elaborate spoof"? Maybe so. Nothing moves "collectible" merchandise like an error that was supposedly never meant to occur (Indeed, this mug's joke appeal could make it a hot gag item as the big day draws closer. You can have one of your own for £10 plus shipping and handling.

If royal-inspired mugs aren't your thing, there are plenty of other souvenirs to consider. And some of them are pretty official. Britain’s Royal Mint released a commemorative coin in honor of the wedding. The Royal Collection is selling approved items like plates, pill boxes, and English china. You know, classy stuff. But not everybody wants to be classy. For those who are tacky and proud of it (or just plain tired of all the royal wedding hype), there are commemorative sick bags. Hang in there, William and Kate. All this wedding madness will be over soon.

1 souvenir
2 features
3 supposedly
4 designed
5 apparently
6 registered
7 instead
8 collectible
10 gag
11 draws
12 inspired
13 released
14 honor
15 approved

Instruction: Listen and write down the definitions of the words given.

1. commemorates
2. gaffe
3. spoof
4. tacky
5. hype

Spell -It Right Challenge 2011(SIR)

This year MOZAC participated in SIR 2011 held Mahkota Parade, Melaka on 24th April 2011. MOZAC sent 3 participants:
1. Muhammad Azrul Iskandar
2. Muhd Akmal Fitri Suhaimi
3. Adlina Rahim

They were chosen from the pleminary rounds held in school since February 2011. Unfortunately, only Akmal Fitry managed to get into the final round before he misspelt the word 'gargantual'. It is hoped that nexy year, MOZAC will once again be the state champion like 2 years before.Nevertheless, it was a good exposure to the students involved. Teacher in charge: Puan Ivy Foo.

Toastmasters Workshop

I attended a Toastmasters Workshop at Goldcourse Klang from 20 - 22 April 2011 with 42 other teachers from all 43 High Performance Schools. We are expected to set up a Toastmasters Club & Gavel Club in our schools by year end. It is indeed a very good workshop as it's something that I've been looking for as I would like to encourage good communication skill especially in English among MOZAC students. It is hoped that I would be able to make this a reality in my school.