Tuesday, September 25, 2012

All the best Engineerie X

This week , all 125 candidates of PMR are brought to ILP Selandar for a 5-day programme. English Department kick start the programme with a 7 hours workshop with them. Pn. Norizah assissted by En. Ahmad Rizal and Puan Haidah conducted Literature Revision and Writing Workshop with the form 3 students. Good luck and all the best to PMR 2012 candidates..let's break the record this year guys !
Writing Workshop

Literature Revision

Useful Tips

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Today, we learn a new way of making our teaching and learning interesting. Goodbye powerpoint and say hi to the world of Prezi. I first heard about it when we hosted FRSIS in March when many of the students came with Prezi for their presentation instead of the required MS powerpoint. Of course the students are way ahead of us and I'm thankful to have tech-savvy ICT team to help solve the problems we faced. The four hours course is so interesting and informative.....I do hope that I will be able to convert all my powerpoint presentations to Prezi!!!!!!!

About Prezi :
Prezi is a presentation software that zooms in a featured elements. The creator can create a collage of sorts with images, text, and videos. Then, the creator can create a path from the various elements, creating a story or presentation for the viewer. There are several advantages for using Prezi. It is free and easy to use. You do not have to download anything to use it, and you can easily show how concepts or ideas related to each other.


Saturday, September 1, 2012

English Workshops

For 3 and form 5 teachers and students sacrificed their long weekend to prepare themselves for PMR and SPM. The form 3 students were given both paper 1 and paper 2 Selangor trial papers. Form 5 had similiar activities at the hall where they worked in small groups to complete the tasks given. Hopefully, peer group teaching will help them to excell in English papers.

Item Building for NILAM

This year I was called again by MGC to assist BTPNM to build item for assessment of Tokoh NILAM 2012. The meeting was called on 27 July 2012. This year more emphasis is put in the students' ability in writing as well as speaking. The new assessment format requires new assessment items and I was entrusted to head the English section. I am fortunate to have the same group again as we already know what to expect. The  two-day workshop was a success and come October we will be the assessors. Thank you to Nadiah, Magesh and Kak Aishah for your dedication and cooperation

Language Month 2012

July was Language Month in MOZAC. Various activities were planned by ELD. The form 3 and form 5 had their workshops to pepare themselves for the trial. Here are the activities conducted for the other forms: Form 1 - Singing competition Student showed their creativity by writing their own lyrics following the melody & tune of a song. The song also must follow the theme of this year's language month - Gotta get reading. This year 1 Beta emerged the champ. This is a video of the group which represented my class - 1 Omega..they managed to bag 2nd place..good job girls

Form 2 - NIE activities Students did various NIE activities in class using The STAR Form 4 - Spell It Right Students did online spelling test before competing among each other in class.

Last Immersion with SBPI Gombak & Literature Workshop

The last immersion for PMR 2012 was sone with SBPI Gombak which hosted MOZAC students. Rizal,Kak Haidah & I drove to Gombak in the wee hour to reach Gombak by 8 am. In Gombak the students were divided into groups to do different essays. Half of the essays done were brought back to MOZAC to be marked. Later form 3 Alpha students helped to type the essays which were later distributed right before the trial exams. A week later, I conducted a literature workshop to cover form 3 poems.