Monday, June 4, 2012

HKSBP 2012 @ STAR Ipoh

Hari Kecemerlangan Sekolah Berasrama Penuh (HKSBP) was hosted by STAR this year on 25th - 29th May 2012. I tagged along this year as an adjudicator. Two weeks before that, I attended an adjudicator course conducted by MIDP. We even sat for a test and if we pass we are accredited to judge any debate in this world (like WOW!) Nevertheless, till this entry is posted ,I 'm still waiting for the result! Like previous years, I was given the chance to adjudicate till the quarter - final. I was appointed Chief adjudicator twice in the earlier's good to see that SBP students are able to speak well though some still need to polish their talent but considering the time given to them to prepare, I think they did quite well. This year, we are very fortunate to have been invited to Istana Iskandariah by the Regent of Perak, DYTM Raja Dr Nazrin Syah and his wife the beautiful DYTM Tuanku Zara Salim. Having an experince dining at the palace was indeed a once in a life time experience! Another highlight of the event was the speech by the Regent of Perak in the morning. DYTM Raja Dr Nazrin Syah gave a moving and inspiring speech. MOZAC English debate team only managed to win 2 debates and lost 1 debate to STF. Therefore, we couldn't proceed to the next round. The BM team shared the same fate.Nevertheless, 2 MOZAC's students made us proud by receiving the SBP full colour award ...among the very few schools with 2 recipients.

Cempaka Technology in Education: CTIE 2012.

I went to Cempaka International School in Cheras with 4 other collegues to attend Cempaka Technology in Education: CTIE 2012 on 24th May 2012. CTIE 2012 is a one -day event to expose participants to the latest technology in education through different technology workshops. It is also introducing and promoting SCHOOLOGY - a newly launched technology in education which encourages students, parents and stakeholders of the school to share first hand information at their finger tips through interschool social networking system. It is a full feature Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) with powerful appeal of a social network. It is structured in a similiar way to social networks like Facebooks combine with powerful learning management tools. Well, will MOZAC uses SCHOOLOGY?...only time will tell. Nevertheless, it is an interesting day and I got to know and take a peek at how international school is like.