Tuesday, August 12, 2008

English Parliamentary Debate -UIAM /HKSBP

The UIAM Debate was held in April and this year MOZAC sent 2 teams - Bahasa Melayu & English teams. The English Debators for UIA debate were Muhammad Asyraf Arif Abdullah, Muhammad Azri, Thulaja Thesa and Fatin Nasyra.The debators did fairly well and all of them managed to get 'The Best Speaker' title.

This year's HKSBP was held at Sek. Men. Sains Sultan Abdul Halim, Kedah. Like the previous years MOZAC sent a team. This year's debators are Ashvin Avalani, Muhammad Asyraf Arif Abdullah, Muhammad Azri & Thulaja Thesa. This year MOZAC managed to reach the quarter final. The team was coached by Pn. Nursinar Suria.

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