Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oral Proficiency in English for Secondary Schools (OPS English)

MOZAC is among the 20 schools nation wide selected to do a pilot project for this programme - Oral Proficiency in English for Secondary Schools (OPS English). Three form 1 teachers, Pn. Norizah Baba, Pn Wan Hailah Wan Yahya and En. Ahmad Rizal Aziz attended a 5-day course at English Language Teaching Centre (ELTC), Kuala Lumpur. From 20th February till May 2012, the form 1 students are going to do this programme which focuses on speaking.


Anonymous said...

booooooo menyusahkan orang

Anonymous said...

booooo menyusahkan

Anonymous said...

Menyusahkan org is one thing, is it really effective? Are students having fun learning this? I asked few of them. They answered it's silly. My Englisg tuition is better!