Sunday, April 17, 2011

PIES 5: 18 - 22 April 2011

Visitors to inner George Town can look forward to eight more witty caricature sculptures to mark the city’s Unesco World Heritage Site. The eye-catching pieces will be put up by Sculpture At Work, the Kuala Lumpur-based company which won the ‘Marking George Town — An Idea Competition for a Unesco World Heritage Site’ in April last year.
The ‘Labourer to Trader’ sculpture at Chowrasta Market will feature two traders skillfully carrying their wares on their heads. Early convict labourers were reputed to have built most of the government buildings in the state. Some became petty traders and were the core group that started Chowrasta Market.
At Acheen Street, the ‘Escape’ sculpture along an old godown will see an escape rope dangling from the window as the building was originally a jailhouse. A trader on a small sampan professing his love to a young maiden staring down from her bedroom window is the design for the ‘Waterway’ sculpture at the Prangin Road Ghaut.
Back in the old days, the Prangin River was a bustling waterway for goods that were shipped to Penang from all over the world. The ‘Limousine’ sculpture at Carnarvon Street will show an artisan making a paper car. Carnarvon Street was and is still “the” place to go for coffins and paper effigies!

1 pieces
2 heritage
3 sculpture
4 feature
5 wares
6 petty
7 core
8 godown
9 dangling
10 originally
11 professing
12 shipped
13 limousine
14 artisan
15 effigies

Instruction: Listen and write down the definitions of the words given.

1 Caricature
2 Convict
3 Reputed
4 Maiden
5 Bustling

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