Tuesday, January 25, 2011

English Through Literature Workshop

On Jan 25 2011,Puan Haidah Azudin and I attended a half day workshop at Dewan Bestari, Melaka. The guest speaker Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cynthia Yolanda Doss, Academy of Language Studies UITM, Shah Alam shared with us her views and experiences in teaching Literature. She talked about Literature: Creating Awareness and Engaging Students in Class. We did a reflection on what is our perception of Literature as it is very important for teachers to have the passion for literature and teaching before we could attract the students to love Literature. The world of literature develops critical thinking in students and this is one of the most important skills for students to have nowadays. Literature helps hone thought processes and introduces concepts and experiences. It allows students to see other points of view and teaches students about culture ther than their own. Most importantly, literature encourages reading. Puan Haidah and I participated actively in the group work and even shared our views/opinions on certain issues for which we were well rewarded..thanks to Oxford Fajar.

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