Tuesday, April 28, 2009

MOZAC - STATE CHAMPION for Parliamentary Style English Language Debate

The State level Parliamentary Style English Language Debate 2009 was held from 27 - 30 April 2009 at SMK Ghafar Baba, Masjid Tanah. MOZAC represented Ayer Keroh Zone.MOZAC emerged victorious as the new STATE CHAMPION for 2009. Congratulations to the debaters.MOZAC is going to represent Melaka to the National level in Kedah.

MOZAC debaters:
a) Ahmad Azri b. Abdullah
b) Muhammad Danial b.Abdullah
c) Thulaja Thesa a/p Vasudevan
d) Amundhan a/l Arumugam
e) Ahmad Rahimi bin Khairul Saleh

Ouater final: MOZAC vs SIS
Motion: This house believes that Malaysian schools are robbing students of their
imagination and childhood
Winner: MOZAC
Best Speaker: Ahmad Azri b. Abdullah(MOZAC)

Semi final: MOZAC vs SFI
Motion: This house believes that the media is eroding our traditional values
Winner: MOZAC
Best Speaker: Thulaja Thesa a/p Vasudhevan (MOZAC)

Final: MOZAC vs MGS
Motion: This house would raise the minimum driving age to 21
Winner: MOZAC
Best Speaker: Noel Tan (MGS)

Teacher in charge:
a) Puan Ivy Foo

A special thank you to all the teachers and Ashvin Avalani a/l Chandrakant, our ex debater who had helped to prepare the team for the debate.Thank you for the support and encouraging words. It is hoped that this will continue in preparing the team for the national level in Kedah which will be held in August.

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