Monday, November 3, 2008


The Young Inventors - Azizi, Amir,Afiq, Emir, Faiz, Adli, Nazirul Syafiq and Amira Syakira

Yes indeed they made us proud. The school's F1 team once again bagged 2 awards out of 14. They were awarded with The Best Newcomer Award and The Best Team Identity Award. Meanwhile,the Neo NASA team of the Shell - NST Young Inventors Competition won the second place in the competition. Their invention is The Midori table.The English department is indeed very happy to have helped the participants win both the competitions. We went through their brochures, proposal papers and even coached and polished their presentation. Thanks to Puan Ivy, Puan Haidah, Puan Hanizah, Puan Faizahanim and Puan Norizah for their continuos support and comittment

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